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How to Wear Hijab Modern Models 2014

How to Wear Hijab Modern Models 2014 - Muslim women also vying for the latest models in the 2014 's veil . Model 2014 is dominated hijab style hijab berpariasi , such models pashmina headscarf , triangles , rectangles and other commonly used perfunctory , can now look more quirky and interesting . Actually in 2014 the modern models wearing hijab no different with previous years , it's just all the same from year to year in the creation of more and more models and berpariasi hijab , so we assume that the new creation in the slice in the model is known as the modern hijab , 2014.

How to Wear Hijab Modern Models 2014
How to wear :
  • Use the inner veil that covers the neck , and the veil that is worn in the picture is made ​​from chiffon pashmina hijab , veil and attach the appropriate image above .
  • Take the two ends of the pashmina
  • Then tie each other as shown.
  • Pull the two ends of the pashmina that has been bound before gets back .
  • Cover the neck and Clean up your incorrect needle .
  • finish ! You can add accesories on the last part so that you look more attractive .
How to wear hijab in the above models you can use in formal and informal events , in addition to mengkreasikannya looks easy way , you will look more attractive than ever . so many ways to wear a modern hijab in 2014 , this may pep you in using the veil good .

2014 Hijab Trend Now

2014 Hijab Trend Now is highly recommended to wear outer or additional shawl or any big-cutting cardigan to cover your torso ;) oya, I just want to thank to all my readers or I prefer to call you friends rather than readers ;)
thank you so much for all the good comments and advices, that really helps me to keep writing and sharing anything that I do really hope it will be useful,, insyaAllah,,
and,, I would like to get to know you more,, yup you! so do not hesitate to ask me anything or just send me a friendship email or just say Hi! at my blog.
because making friends is.. truly gives me a positive energy!.
ok now!! allow me to repeat my advice in the video about why we should cover the chest area.
2014 Hijab Trend Now 
nowadays it's not safe anymore. we've read on the news about how girls are getting kidnapped, murdered, raped here and there. it's a scary world i tell ya!!
so we need to protect ourselves. of course we need to have gadgets or some martial art skills and whatnot, but on appearance pun we have to take care.
don't wear clothes that will "mengundang" leering looks from men.
if one thing i'm sure of, it's men's weakness for women. it's already stated in the Quran!!
Surah Ali Imran (3:14)
Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire - of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and tilled land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return.
so.. why cari pasal? we can look good of course, we can be fashionable or sporty or whatever, but we should know to what extend.
our assets (both front and back, top to bottom) can make men get lustful. the more we jiggle them in their faces, the more likely they want to 'attack' you.
don't go looking for trouble!
maybe it's because i'll be getting married, so i have this thinking that only my husband can see my precious gems, from the root of my hair to my pinky toes. haha! what a way to call them =p
anyway, i want only my husband to see my perfection and flaws. i find it insulting if other people sees them.. i want to be exclusive to only ONE! bertuah husband i nanti. ecewaahh!! =p
in sha Allah, Allah SWT will protect us if we put our trust in Him and put on efforts to protect ourselves too. i have so much more to write about but i think this is long enough!!!! ok uolls!!
Ramadhan Mubarak!! and please forgive me for all my wrongdoings. to err is human, but still. i need to ask for forgiveness. tak cukup ilmu kan. still trying to improve. in sha Allah..[]

How to wear Hijab Creator

How to wear Hijab Creator - The year 2014 was a blessing for the Muslim. There are so many models of the veil that was born from the hands of the designer. They are competing to create a more attractive style veil, fashionable, elegant and nuanced modern hijab. The model shown is also varied but still insists on the concept of a true Muslim by covering the aurat in the head.
How to Wear Hijab Pashmina And Creative Aspects Four
Before you follow the following way, first you prepare some accessories to complete the headscarf to be worn, such as:
- Ciput-pin-brooch-Veil-Hijab Accessories-Rubber Bracelet
1. How to Wear Hijab Pashmina
Before wearing the hijab pashmina, you must first use ciput as the innards, then put a pashmina scarf on his head by way of the left hand is shorter than the right. Then pull the neck backwards pashmina scarf and give pin. Pull section pashimna a longer veil with circular from top to bottom, until they run out. After that the top end has dileingkarkan pashmina up earlier, provide decorations or accessories such as brooches hijab headscarf or hijab pin, making it more attractive.
2. How to Wear Hijab Four Aspects Creative
Wear the hijab as usual rectangle, then fold the square scarf had a triangular shape and attach one end of the scarf wrapped just below the chin and trim by using a safety pin. After completion of the first quadrilateral memasag hijab and jilbab pasanglan second quadrilateral using the method mentioned above. After completion of the first tail veil veil lifted up a second earlier, then rapikanlah using a pin. And the remaining two ends of the scarf will be made in the form of interest, by the end of the headscarf pilinlah and shape both had a form of interest. and sematkanlah pin after selisai form. Just keep on until the end of the veil is over and it has become a form of interest.
What do you think? Pretty simple is not it. So,, you do stay, it is advisable to add some of your own creations to suit the taste.

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Latest Hijab Model 2013

Latest Hijab Model 2013 - As with clothing, hijab models were also developed. From year to year, many changes hijab latest models. We can see when the veil models used in the first model used hood now. In a country that has a majority Muslim population, certainly almost all sisters wear the veil, such as the countries in the middle east. Indonesia has one of the predominantly Muslim is like that, though not all Muslim women wear veils to cover her nakedness. A great model is the latest jilbab in Indonesia is growing rapidly compared with the existing model of hijab Muslim population in the country of his lot. Middle east countries hijab model that may not much different in years past, so seen from the hood function was used to cover the genitals of women such as hair.
Model veil in Indonesia
Indonesia has a wide range of models hijab, hijab so many kinds of latest models can be found in Indonesia. Even some of the female form jilbab community, through the community they learn how to develop models for both models hijab scarf unique, formal models of the latest hijab and jilbab variety of models that can be done by this community. For those of you who wish to know the latest model of the veil, you might be able to join a community of Muslim women's community in your area. If you just want to find the latest models of the veil, you can visit the grocery store or a hijab in your area you can also see on the internet. You can also buy it in the store model of hijab scarf around your home. And for those of you who live in big cities like Jakarta, of course, you will have many options to model her veil.
Buy the latest models on the net veil
Number of models on the market headscarf and high demand for models veil and followed by more advanced internet makes this a great opportunity for entrepreneurs veil to begin offering products online on the internet. Many entrepreneurs began opening hijab online store. Some online stores even dare to give competitive prices with store prices. This means you can save both money and time. Zalora is one of the trusted online stores provide a wide selection of models and veil at a cheap price. Very interesting is not. You just order it from home or office, a few moments later models of the veil of your choice will arrive at your home.

Trend Models Hijab Triangle

Trend Models Hijab Triangle - wide Hijab means veil that Muslim women wear to cover your head and neck to the chest. In Indonesia alone its use have evolved considerably. When viewed backward, in the years 1980 hooded student is one, two, but now look at public and private universities, almost as much or sometimes more than students who do not wear.
The use of hoods has been increasingly popular in many circles. Executives and professionals, politicians, also recently began many artists are veiled. So it can be said that this has been the trend of Muslim women.
In today's world many variations of the hijab, ranging from rectangular, direct, and more. To wear it, sometimes there are still many people confused how to use it so do not tend to look dull. In order to appear fashionable wear the veil, there are many guidelines that you can follow below.
Some Ways Wearing Hijab
1. Everyday wear Kerdung
The three hooded style you can use everyday, such as a school, college, or just hang out. His style is simple, you do not need to make time consuming to use. When casual events you can also add accessories or bandana, but the shape remains simple veil so as not to seem too excessive.
2. Wearing Veil Pashmina
Pashmina is taken from Persian - Pashm (Pashmineh) which means wool. The raw material is fine wool pasmina from changthangi. Changthangi is a special type of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalayas in Nepal, Pakistan and northern India.
You may mimilih to use Arabic style Pashmina, Africa, India, or Thailand.
3. Using Veil Spandex
Advantages to wear a veil made of spandex is easier for us to create a shape as desired. This material is very fall, no tangles, no heat, and very fitting in the head because that tends elastic material.
4. Wearing Veil Paris
Hooded use the material to make paris highly captivating contemporary Muslim women. There are several kinds of paris hood itself, such a plain, studded with swarovski, embroidery, crystals, color gradation, hand embroidery, painting motifs, sequins, etc.. In terms of color, many provided by the veil is made from paris. With hoods paris you can be casual or formal look. For formal occasions you can add a few accessories that match the color of the veil.

How to Wear Hijab

How to Wear Hijab:
  • Wear the hijab as usual quadrilateral
  • Fold the square scarf had a triangular shape and attach one end of the scarf wrapped just below the chin and then trim them using a pin.
  • second rectangular scarf using the method mentioned above.
  • After completion of the first tail veil veil lifted up a second earlier, then using a pin.
  • The remaining end of the second veil we will create the shape of a flower, by way of a second scarf was twisted to resemble flowers.
  • When finished with the lock pin.
  • Just keep on until the end of the veil is over and transformed into flowers.